Outbreak management - NOT just for HealthCare Facilities

Outbreak management - NOT just for HealthCare Facilities

Surface disinfection and why it's time to ramp it up during cold and flu season.


Wintertime is the busiest for most healthcare workers, as the beginning of the year often sees an influx of patients during the peak of the cold and flu season which lasts from October to March.

In healthcare, the cleaning protocols are clearly established, and surface disinfection plays a key role in outbreak management.
It is critical to ramp up surface disinfection in your facility during the winter months to help prevent a cold and flu outbreak and don’t ignore the upholstery.

ServiceMaster Clean offers a complete disinfecting clean to medical clinics and workplace facilities.

Our professional cleaners are trained to disinfect your workspace as a preventative measure;  they are available 7 days a week with no extra fees for weekend and evening disinfection. 

Our prices include all materials and equipment.

Call us for your quote today 604-833-9736

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